Reasons that People Consume Alcohol

Alcohol has become one of the most known and must have beverages in a party. It is not something that was introduced recently, but something that has been passed down from generation to generation for many years. Therefore, rather than blaming anyone for introducing alcohol, why not treat the symptoms of addiction? Most consumers of these types of drinks are known to become addicted within the matter of a few attempts. Therefore, it is always better to treat the cause rather than the disease once you have been addicted. Here are some of the reasons as why a person may be drawn to consume alcohol.

Simply for fun

This is could be a dangerous reason to consume alcohol. In fact, it is not rather justifiable to make ‘fun’ an excuse to do so. While this could be a way to have fun, there are many other ways that can be considered better in a million ways by which you can have massive amounts of fun. However, most addicted individuals claim that alcohol lets you feel free spirited, which in turn makes the experience a fun one. Yet, if you take a look at the big picture, for how long can this keep you happy until your health begins to deteriorate?

To manage stress

Stress is inevitable. You must have, or at least will experience stress at some point of your life; for some, it could be at multiple points. Whenever it may be or how bad stress may consume you, alcohol could become your getaway point out of this. However, this is not the best way to handle stress. While many have claimed that drinking helps them forget about stress, it is only a matter of time until you are sober and it all comes running back you once again. Therefore, why take yourself to the point of attending alcohol and drug programs Geelong when you could simply avoid the consequences?


Curiosity killed the cat! Most people claim that they consume alcohol out of curiosity; at least, their first attempt was out of curiosity. However, why take the risk if you suspect that it might become a lifelong addiction? You must be aware that drinking causes many health complications that you do not want to experience. Therefore, be a responsible citizen and protect your country’s well being by contributing to the health concerns.


While there are many that consume alcohol out of their own will, there are those who are forced to do so. These could be social pressure where a certain class of people may force you to do so in order to fit in with them. However, you must always stand your ground and be ready to refuse whatever makes you uncomfortable and your life will be much under your control than theirs; and most importantly, it will be healthier and alcohol free.


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